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Luce Sposa - The New Look 2024

Luce Sposa - Feminity

The collection tells the story of a strong, attractive, and mind-blowing woman. The self-aware lady willing to take chances and demand greater rewards. The woman with the unforgettably charming appearance who consistently draws compliments. Being with a woman like her is an honor and the greatest joy since she is the motivation to move mountains.

The collection's major themes—the femme fatale and retro vibe—are present in every single element. The dress's magnificent décolleté, high cuts, fitting shapes, voluminous wraps, and sleeves are all designed to draw attention to the wearer's seductiveness and powerful personality. The primary goal was to highlight a woman's attractiveness through her attire without drawing attention away from her.

Luce Sposa - Miracle 2024

This collection is a tribute to the most powerful, radiant, and all-encompassing emotion. A sensation that uplifts, transforms, and provides energy. A sentiment without boundaries, constraints, or restrictions, without which, life is colorless.

We accomplished our dream of the perfect wedding ceremony: a magnificent gown covered in glitter, plenty of flowers, a location with a unique vibe, and the people closest to us at our sides. As well as the two of you. Completely captivated by each other.

Designer gowns that are both courageous and elegant can be seen here. This collection features amazing lace and shimmering materials, unique skirt cuts, and translucent bodices—new textures and shapes are the focus. The wedding has an elegant and refined appearance because of the gently bare shoulders, lengthy trains, striking cuts, and asymmetrical features. The details that draw your attention are the numerous handcrafted 3D flowers and the beaded, pearl, and crystal embroidery.

Luce Sposa - Iconic 2024

This collection celebrates the unique beauty seen in every single woman. About a clever, creative, confident, and intelligent woman. A symphony of new bold designs and sophisticated shapes are intended to underline such characteristics. Knowing that all women are walking goddesses. Every woman is a role model.

Stunning lights, flawless lines, and playful motifs are the collection's key features. The collection's concept came to designers during the vacation. In the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves. It has thirty-five bridal gowns made of different fabrics and shapes.

Luce Sposa - Crème de la crème 2023

Gloss, magnificence, glow: the Crème de la crème collection tells the story of an extravagant gown for a woman of the same excellence. For the most sophisticated woman, who doesn't mind trying new things and standing out. Who is aware of her value and whose look is breathtaking. For whom a wedding gown is all about sparklers, magnificent lace, and a lavish cut.

We decided to capture the unique mood of selecting the perfect wedding look in the new collection. When the gowns, you, and general aesthetics are all flawless.

The collection's key features include a variety of textures and materials, an amazing finish, and lots of sparkles. There are unique transformer dresses with removable features, as well as classically fashioned gowns lavishly adorned with beads. Special attention should be given to hand-made needlework, 3D floral appliqués, embroidered lace, and glittering lights. Romantic necklines, voluminous shapes, and a focus on the waist are all designed to enhance femininity and create a refined appearance.

Luce Sposa - What Is Love 2023

Luce Sposa - Catwalk

Luce Sposa - Symphony of Flowers

Luce Sposa - Shades of Couture

Luce Sposa - Golden Glow

Luce Sposa - Sorrento Italy

Luce Sposa - Primrose